Albert Watch

          With a Albert watch, it is the emotional values rather than the movement of the hands that make us pause and savour the special moments in life - moments of love, of achievement, of success. Many such moments, preserved over years, are carried inside Albert watch until it is finally passed on to the next generation.

           Skeletonising is a highly skilled craft mastered by very few individuals. Without impairing the working of the watch, tiny drills and fine milling tools as small as 0.3 mm and used to remove material from the movement and transform it into an etheral work of art. It takes around 4 weeks to skeletonise a single watch. Everything that remains is essential, and skilfully engraned, polished or gold plated. 


Products and Services

Watches: Sport, Pocket, Manual, Automatic, Diving, Digital

Market's Service: Residential

Materials: Quartz

Products: Watches, Rings, Clocks, Batteries, strap, Jewellery

Services: Repair, Cleaning, Sell

Brands: Rolex, Tissot, Toy, Longines, any make or model.